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Version 1.1.1:
- delete all logfiles no longer crashes TinyDump
- corrected a typo in the menu
- added an option for automatic logfile deleting on start
Version 1.1.0:
- TinyDump should be Vista ready now
- new function: delete all logfiles
- xp/sk and research will be counted (new command /xd for xp-dump)
- Perks should no longer be counted as hits - this should result in correct crit percentages
Version 1.0.1:
- version number is now displayed correctly in blobs
- writes Place instead of Platz
- added an option to automatically select the last used character
Version 1.0.0:
- added a button to add a player to the list manually
- the basedump tries to output players only (determined by the naming conventions)
- damagedealerslist is cleared when hitting the reset button
Version 0.9.7 beta:
- added some output customization options
- if you have pets and they are named after you (no colorthings) then the damage will be added to yourself correctly now
Version 0.9.6 beta:
- you are shown yourself in the teamdump even if you did no damage
- added a global basedump for the lowest damagedealers in a raid
- changed the reportcontrol to a textfield to add copy and paste ability
- the damagedealers list gets update when necessary
Version 0.9.5 beta:
- team members are now dislayed in the dump even if they did no damage
- perprofs are now shown with their name instead of the pets name if the master did no damage
Version 0.9.4 beta:
- the logfile can be deleted if AO is not using it ( char logged in )
- added an option to ignore logfile content on start
- if no character is selected the selected character info shows none
Version 0.9.3 beta:
- global dump is now functioning (AO claims to accept 4096 byte scripts but crashes with scripts over 1024 bytes)
- team dump is processed to fit into the allowed and working size too
- global dump is changed to show lesser information in fervor of showing more Players
Version 0.9.2 beta:
- added a progressbar while parsing the logfile for the first time after clicking 'start'
- the scriptfiles are now being written to a temporary name an renamed after write so that AO can not try to read an unfinished scriptfile
- added a header to the reportbox to show what the numbers stand for
- the reset button now is only available when profiling is in progress
- added the adress for this homepage to the ingame dump

Version 0.9.1 beta:
- chars can be added or removed to/from the team by doubleclicking
- editing profiles while TinyDump is active is no longer possible
- added damage per minute

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